Shipping to Australia - Air and Sea Freight Services

City of sydney from the balmain wharf dusk cropped2.jpg
Sydney's central business district, the financial and business services hub of Australia.
Currency Australian Dollar (A$ or AUD)
Main industries miningindustrialeducation andtransport equipment, food processing,chemicalsnatural gassteel,agriculturefishingbrewingwine andtourism
Ease of Doing Business Rank 15th[6]
Exports $266 billion (20th, 2011)
Export goods coaliron ore, educational aids, wine,diamondsgoldnatural gasmeat,woolaluminumwheatmachinery and transport equipment
Main export partners China (25.1%), Japan (18.9%), South Korea (8.9%), India (7.1%), United States (4.0%)(2010)
Imports $194.7 billion (19th, 2010)
Import goods machinery and transport equipment,computers and office machines,telecommunication equipment andpartscrude oil and petroleum products
Main import partners China (18.7%), United States (11.1%),Japan (8.7%), Thailand (5.2%),Singapore (5.1%), Germany (5.0%),Malaysia (4.3%) (2010)
Main data source: CIA World Fact Book
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars

International Delivery to Australia

If you are shipping to Australia, why not let Intercargo take the stress and hassel out of your shipping needs. We offer an efficient freight service to all international destination ports, with many Airlines daily and Shipping lines departing every week. We can ensure your items are loaded soon after collection/delivery.

Smaller items can sometime be more economical to send by Air freight, however for many larger shipments we can also provide Sea Freight Services including 20ft or 40ft steel containers. Our services vary depending on your needs. We can supply a container for you to pack and load on-site. Our packing service includes packing, palletising and shrink-wrapping.

In Australia, Intercargo provide a full range of freight forwarding and Courier services, below is list of our most popular services;