Perishables Goods

Perishable goods were among the first commodities carried by air. With years of operating experience, airlines have developed very effective handling techniques for chilled and frozen products, providing shippers with optimum, cost-efficient packaging methods for these time and temperature sensitive commodities.

Temperature Controlled

The transportation of Time and Temperature sensitive goods is a core service offered Intercargo and our network. These goods are originating from the Healthcare sector, indistinctive of their origins, Time and Temperature management is the overarching need that binds these highly distinctive commodities together.


Envirotainer and Specialised Cold Stores

Emirates SkyCargo was one of the first airlines to transport the new generation of containers which can heat and cool temperature-sensitive cargo, our access to Emirates and other carriers temperature controlled network allows Intercargo to offer our clients a complete global coverage for your temperature controlled movements, hot or cold we keep it controlled.