Aerospace & Defence

Intercargo provides integrated, single-source logistics solutions to cover the whole Aerospace & Defence supply chain from manufacturing through delivery to the final customer.

Our Aerospace & Defence industry experts understand the supply chain challenges facing the industry that result from reduced product life cycles, lead-time improvements, care for the environment and globalisation.

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Our solutions for the Aerospace & Defence industry are aimed at

Aerospace & Defence

  • Finding optimised combination of lead-time and (logistics) budget
  • designing a safe and secure supply chain
  • Finding best customs solutions
  • Applying the right licenses and documents
  • Improving customer service levels
  • Reducing inventory levels
  • Reducing administrative burden & related cost
  • Improving supply chain visibility
  • Identifying supply chain risks and come up with contingency plans
  • Complying with the appropriate rules & regulations

Our solutions for the Aerospace & Defence industry consist of

In order to cope with these challenges faced by the Aerospace & Defence Industry, Intercargo has developed a service package to create solutions for customers in this industry. Our solutions for the Aerospace & Defence industry consist of

  • Point to point airfreight
  • Point to point ocean freight
  • Sea Air
  • Cross trade shipments
  • Trucking
  • Express
  • Warehousing
  • Global vendor support & collections
  • Sample distribution
  • Value Added Service (repacking, labeling, conditioning, document handling)
  • Trade Center
  • Consultancy (customs, packaging, applying for licenses)
  • Return logistics (overstock, not sold)

You will benefit from our expert knowledge

  • We know you and we know your business
  • Global coverage resulting in consistent services, one global operating system, worldwide SOP’s full control on door to door shipments
  • Handling and full control on cross trade shipments
  • Clear communication lines
  • Highly skilled staff that knows the Aerospace & Defence industry challenges
  • Competitive rates
  • Warehousing
  • Full flexibility due to frequent flight availability & sailings
  • Full knowledge on customs rules & regulations resulting in reduced/optimised import duty payments
  • Value Added Service (repacking, labeling, conditioning, document handling)
  • Guidance though legal & compliance issues like ITAR, EAR